Как повысить популярность аккаунта в Instagram?

Как повысить популярность аккаунта в Instagram?

There are many different tactics to increase the popularity of your Instagram account.

In this article, we want to emphasize the effectiveness of instagram save, because their proposed methods and tactics will really help increase the popularity of your Instagram account.

Proper use of Instagram hashtags

If you've been using Instagram for some time, you probably already realized the importance of using valid hashtags. This is the best tool you need to attract more people and encourage them to actively participate in your posts.

Here are the tactics for using hashtags that you can apply in your test:

Choose 30 matching hashtags.

Make sure that they are not too popular and not too rare - the optimal number in this case was from 50,000 to 300,000 hashtag images.
The goal is for the photos to reach the first nine for this hashtag, which would increase their visibility. If your profile has not yet gained immense popularity, and for this hashtag too many photos from Instagram, it is almost impossible to get such a result.

When placing your hashtags, do not include them as a signature on the photo. Add them to the comments. Their main goal is to give people the opportunity to find your content.

Instagram event schedule

Be prepared for the fact that you have to increase the amount of content published on Instagram every day.

One or two photos a day is not enough. There is so much content and so many people who publish better content that if you really don’t try, you will be lost among others.

In addition to the required 1-2 photos per day, Instagram experts recommend:

Post 5 to 30 stories on Instagram

1 live broadcast per day (it is recommended to start every day at the same time. Thus, more and more users will be able to join every day).
It may seem very time consuming, but it is not necessary. Instagram stories are very easy to create and live streams should not be too long.

It’s best if you plan your Instagram content strategy in advance. Then you will always be ready for everything:

  • unpublished photos from the office and, for example, integration trips;
  • photos from your lunch - there is no content on Instagram that could work better. Maybe in addition to cute dogs, cats and other cute animals. Beyond them, food runs social networks, especially Instagram;
  • motivational, funny and interesting quotes;
  • previews of upcoming events and products;
  • branded content - promotional videos and frames, photos of your products or services, etc.